Guest Music

Promotion, programming, musical diffusion... Artists, musicians, groups... Blues, jazz, pop, rock, soul, classical, dance... Concerts, events, live music, workshops...
Musical platform

Guest Music is a platform for musical diffusion in all its facets: promotion, programming, publishing, divulgation, workshops, training … Music in all its expressions – blues, soul, jazz, rock, classical music, chamber music, dance , dance orchestras, percussion … – going through all styles and genres is our reason for being.


As a promoter, Guest Music intends to accompany the musician, in development and projection of his career. With enthusiasm and service, we promote and manage musical events in which to establish a symbiotic relationship between the artist and the spectator. Music, in addition to an art, is communication and meeting point. Guest Music provides the logistic support that a musician’s career needs to expand his promotional activities and establish new challenges and commitments.

Companies and entities

In the same way, for Guest Music, those people and entities that carry out the organization and production of musical events deserve special attention. In this sense we study their projects and demands to adapt to their needs and interests. Our purpose is to accompany them in achieving their objectives. We are convinced that this teamwork together with our selection of artists and groups will be the best option and the key to the success of your musical proposal.


Music needs attention and dedication, but above all it needs to be put into action, bet on it in all its aspects and strengthen its presence as a form of expression and a way of communication inherent to our cultural essence. Social networks are a powerful channel to spread and deliver our musical events and proposals to a large number of people. One of the fundamental points prior to any action is to support any diffusion on our website, on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube….

And in the same way, after the event, actions continue on these social networks: publication of news, creation of the photo album, monitoring of the event… Nowadays, diffusion and promotion are impossible to separate from our current way of communicating and consequently social networks are an essential tool in its projection and development. From here, we want to offer our channels and social networks to all those musicians and entities that want to publicize their musical proposals and thus expand their diffusion.

Artists, musicians, groups

We consider this is our main asset: a long list of artists and formations that collaborate with us, some permanently, others punctually or even formations created specifically to respond to a specific musical demand. Disc jockeys or live musicians with the ability to read what the public needs and make the event an experience. All this allows us to be able to offer alternatives in front of any project, budget and circumstance: groups and musicians, some very consolidated and with a very recognized trajectory, and others emerging, but all with a training and proven musical quality.

Events, celebrations, private parties…

Our job is to have all the means ready to get everyone to enjoy music and put at the service of the meeting all the necessary elements to turn the occasion into a real celebration.

Workshops, family shows…

From Guest Music we offer workshops and musical shows because we are convinced that music is an art, a science and a technique, and that its practice and execution promote a comprehensive and complete personal development. The goal is to allow everyone to live music from within, and especially to the little ones, in a playful and socializing learning that stimulates creativity and the expression of emotions.

Participating in these workshops produces an increase and improvement in listening skills, concentration, abstraction, speech and language skills, improved self-esteem, criteria, responsibility, socialization, creative attitude, motor skills, discipline and respect. Musical work strengthens the sense of cooperative work, respect for oneself and others, and tolerance for mistakes, solidarity and being more open to criticism and also provides maturity for future learning…


At the same time, Guest Music, from its formative side, offers the possibility of developing its artistic concerns to all those who want to start or continue their musical studies. We have a team of teachers that combine their projects as musicians and instrumentalists with their facet as teachers, and their own teaching material that facilitates musical learning. Our purpose is to ensure that any student can have the music teacher whom he empathizes the most, at the most optimal time for him and at his own home.